Personal Branding

Building your kid’s PERSONAL BRAND is the best way to make them stand out to college admissions decision-makers. After an application “makes-the cut” for Test Scores, GPA and Extra-Curriculars, guess what they do next? They Google your kid. Then, they look at their Facebook profile, their Snapchat account, their Tweets and Instas and, finally, their LinkedIn account.


Their Social Media Score can make or break an admission decision!

Gary Kayye has been helping build brands for for over 20-years. He’s helped companies like Cisco, NEC, Sony, Dominos and the University of North Carolina and he teaches a semester-long Personal Branding course, The Branding of Me, at UNC – Chapel Hill. And, he can help your kids get in to college by not only fixing their Social Media Score but, by helping them build a personal brand that stands out online where colleges admissions counselors look.

Group and Individual Branding sessions are available for you OR your entire team!


Contact Gary: OR 919.868.3358